Public art can put the emotion back into the built environment. PASW

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Walk, Hands, Eyes (Plymouth)

Situations have invited French artist Myriam Lefkowitz to reimagine Plymouth with her project Walk, Hands, Eyes (a City). Performers from Paris and Plymouth will guide visitors on a one-to-one exploration of the city, playing with the elements of the urban landscape.

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London's Burning


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Concept feature lighting proposal for 'Solar Pergola' by Nayan Kulkarni with Paul Winton of Whitelaw Turkington Ashford Ring Road, Ashford, Kent.

Breaking Boundaries - The Ashford Ring Road

A number of artists have worked in Ashford as part of design teams over the last two years, in an ambitious scheme to transform a 1970s ring road into a series of pedestrian-friendly two-way streets.

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Gallery in the Trees


Four Shores


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Banksy, Park Street, Bristol. Photo: Mark Luck

Public Art and Planning

Updated in June 2009, Public Art South West commissioned a new guide by their Planning Associate, Mark Luck. The report promotes a range of planning led approaches for securing the integration of public art, both within key development schemes and through the delivery of public realm improvements.

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