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ixia has taken over the ownership and management of Public Art Online from Arts Council England. The design and content of the website are currently being reviewed.

Case studies

Exterior of the Young Vic. Photo: Steve Tompkins.

The Young Vic

Fine artist Clem Crosby worked closely with Haworth Tompkins architects and the Young Vic’s artistic director throughout the redevelopment of the theatre, producing an exterior commission and advising on interior design.

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Wellspring Healthy Living Centre


Over Easy


Silica More case studies


Trinity Buoy Studios

Reflections on Collaboration - Feasibility and Sustainability

Public Art South West has commissioned public artist Lee Simmons to write about her practice, specifically the various collaborative methods she has been part of and how sustainable they may or may not be.

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The healthcare sector

When the Architects Leave: Maintaining artwork in the hospital environment

Contracts and copyright

Public Art Commissions - Good Practice

Policies and guidance

Landcom Public Art Guidelines, New South Wales, Australia More resources

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