Artists are not miracle workers - they're just another alternative. Mary Jane Jacobs

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Walk, Hands, Eyes (Plymouth)

Situations have invited French artist Myriam Lefkowitz to reimagine Plymouth with her project Walk, Hands, Eyes (a City). Performers from Paris and Plymouth will guide visitors on a one-to-one exploration of the city, playing with the elements of the urban landscape.

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Public Art Conference - West Lothian


London's Burning


The AA2A project - 2016 More news

Case studies

Tintagel communication cone (detail), 2005, Tintagel Primary School. Artist and photographer, Michael Fairfax.

Lead Artists on Design Teams

Michael Fairfax’s brief as lead artist for the Living Legends project in Tintagel included developing a uniquely inspiring theme and design for the village square, nature area and a circular trail.

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Four Shores


Further up in the air


Art at the Centre, Reading More case studies


Architen Landrell, ‘Kites’ - interior courtyard, Princess Royal University Hospital, Kent, 2003 - King’s Fund: Enhancing the Healing Environment programme

Patient Environments and the Arts

The Patient Environments and the Arts conference was held at the Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, London on 22 January 2007.

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Commissioning Guidelines: Modus Operandi


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