Where public art really fails is not where there is negative publicity but rather where there is indifference. Toby Dennett, Director, Sculptors' Society of Ireland

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Case studies

Green Streets.  Photo: civic Architects with artist Kevin Carter.

Burnley Elevate Artist Injection

Burnley Borough Council (BBC) set up Burnley Elevate Artist Injection in order to involve artists in a major Housing Market Renewal (HMR) scheme that is addressing housing market failure.

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Art at the Centre, Reading


Breaking Boundaries - The Ashford Ring Road


Irwell Sculpture Trail More case studies


Animal Wall, Gitta Gschwendtner. Cardiff Bay housing development. Photo: Safle

Guidelines for Commissioning and Selecting Artists and Craftspeople

The selection of an artist or craftsperson for a public art commission should be an intriguing and exciting task but it can also be fraught with difficulties.

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Policies and guidance

Landcom Public Art Guidelines, New South Wales, Australia


Policies, Strategies and Guidance


How artists can work with design teams on capital projects: An Arts Consultant's Perspective More resources

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