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Evaluation Process

The evaluation of PROJECT – engaging artists in the built environment has three interrelated strands.

An independent Evaluation Team will be appointed to research the ways in which artists input into public realm design projects and the relative effectiveness of each method, the impact of artist input on the design quality, regenerative effect, community viability and commercial effectiveness of projects, and the effects in the longer term of this collaborative experience on the practice of artists and design professionals. The resulting report should contain evidence and conclusions which are relevant to the health, education, housing, community regeneration, development, commercial, private, design, planning and arts sectors.

Comedia has been appointed to undertake the independent evaluation work. Follow this link to read their interim report published in May 2005. The final evaluation report will be published in April 2006.

Projects in Receipt of Awards will be expected to take an active part in the evaluation process as a condition of their award. The team for each project will be asked to produce a report evaluating the outcomes of their project. Award recipients will also be expected to collect evidence on the processes, impact and long term effect of artist input into their particular scheme, on behalf of the Evaluation Team, and to provide information via a questionnaire to Public Art South West.

Public Art South West will evaluate the whole scheme in order to report back to its partners.

Follow this link to download the evaluation brief in Rich Text Format.