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European Expert Meeting on Percent for Art Schemes


A meeting for invited specialists in public art took place at the instigation of the Dutch Government in The Hague, the Netherlands, on 26 and 27 September 2005. Representatives from organisations which are involved in Percent for Art schemes in various European countries met for the first time at group level. The gathering was organised by Atelier HSL (High Speed Line South Studio) in cooperation with the Atelier Rijksbouwmeester (Chief Government Architect's Studio) based on the need felt by both studios to exchange experiences with comparable organisations in other European countries. In the Netherlands, Percent for Art has recently been applied for the first time in a large-scale infrastructural project.

This first meeting was primarily intended as an introductory get together for the exchange of experiences and ideas. Participants introduced their organisations and presented one or more case studies in this two-day gathering. The presentations were divided into six sessions: Art Commissions in State Buildings, Art and the Social Sphere, Art and Infrastructure, Sustainable Art, Future Art, Dutch Examples. The expert meeting closed with a discussion.

The full report and list of participants may be downloaded below, or reports of the individual sessions are available on this website via the Table of Contents which follows.

Follow this link to download a full report of the 2 day meeting as a Richtext document: 170 Kb

Follow this link to download the contact details of participants as a Microsoft Word document: 45 Kb



(Percentage) Schemes in the Participating Countries

Session 1: Art Commissions in State Buildings

Finland : Veikko Kunnas
Germany : Vera Moosmayer
United Kingdom : Adrian George

Session 2. Art and the Social Sphere

Lower Austria : Katharina Blaas-Pratscher
The Netherlands : Dees Linders
Belgium : Therèse Legierse

Session 3. Art and Infrastructure

United Kingdom : Tamsin Dillon
The Netherlands : Nelly Voorhuis

Session 4. Sustainable Art

Sweden : Kjell Strandqvist
Belgium : Katrien Laenen
United Kingdom : Maggie Bolt

Session 5. Future Art

Denmark : Vibeke Jacobson/Jesper Christiansen
Norway : Vivian Moen
Spain : Ignasi de Lecea

Session 6. Dutch Examples

Hans van den Ban
Tom van Gestel
Jeroen Boomgaard

Final Discussion

Suggestions for the Future