Perhaps rediscovering places is what artists and architects can do together. Jeff Kelley

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ixia has taken over the ownership and management of Public Art Online from Arts Council England. The design and content of the website are currently being reviewed.

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PAO Editorial Policy

Public Art Online was formerly managed by Public Art South West (PASW) – a public art development agency funded by Arts Council England (ACE). In December 2010, ACE transferred the ownership and management of Public Art Online to ixia ( Public Art Online was created by Public Art South West in order to provide a practical resource that promotes good practice when involving artists in public realm projects.

The following information was produced by PASW for the content which it commissioned, and is subject to review by ixia. It is intended to appeal to everyone and anyone interested and/or involved in public art, whatever their discipline and whether new to the field or an experienced professional.

Because the emphasis is on best practice and accessibility, we endeavour to only commission articles and case studies on projects which we feel to be exemplars or which have useful experiences to share. The case studies are intended to be a 'warts and all' documentation of the project and any issues which arose. We use a small group of experienced researchers/writers to write the studies. All other content on the site is edited by ourselves and we reserve the right not to use or feature que es levitra work which is sent to us if we feel it does not meet our criteria on relevance, good practice or appropriateness. The majority of the information on the site was either written or commissioned by PASW.

Public Art Online provides a free listings service for jobs and commissions, events and conferences concerned with public art and carry summaries of current projects, publications and research in the field. Please note that we do not accept advertisements for commissions where artists are asked for design ideas without payment.

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