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'spaced 2: future recall' Program Announced

Date uploaded: June 12, 2013

spaced 2: future recall (2013-2015)
International Art Space, Australia (formerly IASKA)

spaced is a recurring international event of socially engaged art that showcases newly commissioned artworks developed in response to the distinctiveness of Western Australian sites and communities. spaced seeks to foster the development of new modes of interaction between artists and communities that take place within a dialogue of regional, metropolitan and international points of view.

Following on from the huge success of the inaugural spaced: art out of place program, spaced 2: future recall will comprise 13 residency-based projects that take place in regional Western Australian locations throughout 2013-14.

spaced 2: future recall considers the idea of collective memory as the source of competing narratives through which we create new visions of our communal present and future.

The unique outcomes of these residencies will be gathered together in a group exhibition at the Western Australian Museum (WAM), Perth in early 2015. This exhibition will tour nationally throughout 2015-16.

National and international audiences can keep up-to-date with spaced 2's program of activities through their new interactive spaced website www.spaced.org.au. In addition, a new ongoing program of talks, workshops and screenings will be presented throughout 2013–14 at the new spacedHUB (181A Lord Street, Perth).

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spaced 2: future recall projects include:

Jay Koh (Singapore/Germany) – Cervantes
15th May – 20th June 2013 & October 2013

Internationally acclaimed artist Jay Koh will spend ten weeks in the Western Australian coastal community of Cervantes, located approximately 198 kilometres north-northeast of the state's capital, Perth. Koh's project will be shaped by his interactions with a diverse cross-section of locals and residents groups. Art-led, his participatory process of engagement will explore and reveal the multiple narratives and embedded interests that the various communities share within their collective memory. Koh will seek to explore the possibilities for collaborative futures that may emerge from these diverse and competing narratives. His encounters in the local everyday will seek to explore commonality, similarity and difference in an effort to understand the anxieties, interests, needs and hidden transcripts of the residents and stakeholders of the communities of Cervantes.

Jay Koh is an artist and curator whose multifaceted practice seeks responsive, dialogical and critical engagement with others. He is the founding director of iFIMA (international Forum for InterMedia Art) and has been involved in residencies across Europe and Asia. Koh's public and socially engaged art practice is internationally recognised and taught in the syllabus of institutions such as the University of California, San Diego's postgraduate and doctoral programme by art historian Grant Kester and at Otis College's (Los Angeles) postgraduate programme by artist Suzanne Lacy.

Daniel Peltz (USA) – Tom Price
14th June – 14th July 2013 & 2014

During his residency in the Western Australian mining community of Tom Price, Providence-based artist Daniel Peltz will explore the range of meanings embedded in the action of mining. Peltz will hold a series of workshops, performative interventions, installations and online platforms that engage a local and international public in his exploration of the affective dimensions of this complex action; an activity that sits at the core of the Australian economy and is the centre of ongoing debate regarding land rights, environmental risks and taxation revenue.

Through his public projects and media installations Daniel Peltz explores social systems, attempting to provoke ruptures in the socio/cultural fabric through which new ways of being may emerge and be considered. To accomplish these goals, he uses a range of intervention, ethnographic and performance strategies. Peltz's projects often adopt existing social systems (instant messaging protocols, karaoke bars, political campaigns, parking regulations) to directly engage non-art audiences in the language of critical art practice.

Other spaced 2: future recall artists and communities include:

  • Michael Bullock (Australia, Asialink Exchange) - Bangalore, India
  • Erin Coates & Anna Nazzari (Western Australia)
  • Archana Hande (India, Asialink Exchange)
  • Lily Hibberd (Australia)
  • Lucas Ihlein & Ian Milliss (Australia)
  • Danius Kesminas (Australia)
  • Pia Lanzinger (Germany)
  • Maddie Leach (New Zealand)
  • Tea Mäkipää (Finland)
  • John Mateer (Western Australia)
  • Ruben Santiago (Spain)
  • Albany
  • Bangalore, India
  • Derby
  • Esperance
  • Frankland River
  • Geraldton
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Katanning/Cocos Islands
  • Laverton
  • Mandurah
  • Western Desert

International Art Space
181A Lord Street
Perth 6000

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Nigel Helyer, 'CrayVox', Abrolohos Islands, 2012, image courtesy and (c) the artist and Bo Wong.

Nigel Helyer, 'CrayVox', Abrolohos Islands, 2012, image courtesy and (c) the artist and Bo Wong.