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Art & the Public Sphere - new journal launched by ixia

Date uploaded: March 18, 2010

Intellect and ixia have announced the launch of a new journal, Art & the Public Sphere.

Art & the Public Sphere provides a new platform for academics, artists, curators, commissioners, art historians and theorists, whose working practices are broadly concerned with contemporary art's relation to the public sphere.

The journal voices a critical relationship towards the traditional and conventional debates about the specific field of public art, as well as towards the broader discussions and art practices in the public sector and the public realm.

Art & the Public Sphere provides a critical examination of contemporary art's relation to the public realm, offering an engaged and responsive forum in which to debate the newly emerging series of developments within contemporary thinking, society and international art practice. The journal will develop a broad and complex set of discourses on the 'public', 'publicness', 'making public' and 'publishing', in the most conceptually ambitious sense.

For more information about the journal, click here.

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