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Art & the Public Sphere journal - Volume 1. Number 2

Date uploaded: April 3, 2013

Art & the Public Sphere journal - Volume 1. Number 2

Art & the Public Sphere journal - Volume 1. Number 2 has just been published. The journal includes articles by Mark Hutchinson, Gretchen Coombs & Justin O'Connor, Angela Harutyunyan and Malcolm Miles; an interview with Vito Acconci by the Freee art collective; and various reviews. Click here to view the Contents.

A call for papers for Volume 2. Issues 1 & 2 is now out. It will be guest edited by Martin Zebracki & Joni m Palmer. This double issue will explore Art and Geography. Art is a burgeoning phenomenon in the public sphere of Western cities, and emcompases a range of issues from geographical levels of the body to international development.This issue welcomes papers that may engage with one or more of the following critical questions, or related relevant matters. By whom and for whom, and from which rationales, is public art made in time and space? And, more particularly, what does this imply for urban identity, socio-spatial inclusion and exclusion, and sociocultural sustainability?

Click here for the full Call for papers.
New deadline: 1st June 2013

Contact: [email protected] and joni.pa[email protected]

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