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Riot Clean Up: Artist's Twitter call-out for riot clean-up

Date uploaded: August 10, 2011

Images of youths looting, fire-ravaged buildings and smashed windows are being replaced by pictures of volunteers with brooms and rubbish bags.

Riot Clean Up is an initiative started by British artist Dan Thompson to encourage "proud Londoners" to get out and help "reclaim their streets", cleaning up the areas affected by the riots across England.

Thompson, from artistsandmakers.com and Empty Shops Network – a social initiative aimed at encouraging people to use empty shops and open spaces – is using Twitter to clean up the streets and support local business. His account @riotcleanup now has more than 87,000 followers and is helping people co-ordinate efforts in the English capital. He said the fact that so many people had got involved showed the "great Brit spirit".

Support the great movement by being part of a heartfelt community project proving how getting creative can improve societies even in the face of adversity.

Follow Dan Thompson’s campaign on Twitter: @riotcleanup

Read Dan Thomspon’s blog: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/aug/09/clean-up-riots

Clean up teams with brooms - Source: Twitpic

Clean up teams with brooms - Source: Twitpic