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Walk&Talk gathers 40 artists at Azores public art museum

Date uploaded: July 30, 2012

Walk&Talk gathers 40 artists at Azores public art museum

Walk&Talk, the Azores international public art festival, transforms the Azorean island of São Miguel from July 27 to August 12 in a privileged stage for multiple contemporary art manifestations. The festival values this Portuguese region as a unique destination in the cultural circuit, gathering over 40 artists, creators and collectives, from nine countries and three continents, to create a roadmap of novel works that intersect and merge with the space, local culture and community, resulting in a public art museum.

PUBLIC ART CIRCUIT ARTISTS: Alexandre Farto aka Vhils (PT), Bruno Jamaica (PT), Color Blind - Tamara Alves + José Carvalho (PT), Diogo Machado (PT), Eime (PT), Eme (ES), Etam Cru (PL), Hazul (PT), Inês Ribeiro (PT), Jorge Magalhães Alves (PT), Liqen (ES) + Kaya (JP) + Doa (ES), Mário Belém (PT), Mark Jenkins (US) + Sandra Fernandez (US), Natalia Rak (PL), Okuda (ES), Phill Allard (CA), Remed (FR), Roadsworth (CA, Target (PT), Topo Copy (VZ/BE).

"I walk and talk for culture! And you?" This is the challenge that Walk&Talk Azores launches to mobilize artists, partners and volunteers, the local population and tourists visiting the region around the festival dynamics. This year Walk&Talk gathers a group of excellence, an extended public space interventions circuit and promotes a festivity and celebration atmosphere, with a program of events opened to the public such as workshops, concerts, performances, and other thematic meetings that complete the artistic festival offer.

Walk&Talk Festival highlights the cultural investment as a key strategic value of Azores sustainable development, promotes the region’s identity in the creative tourism circuits and adds a growing artistic dynamic to its natural beauty. "Artists are our best ambassadors, their works generate new images and readings of the Azorean landscape, that combined with our festival sharing and celebration mood, contributes to more and more artists wishing to visit Azores and to participate in Walk&Talk", said Jesse James Moniz, Co-Founder of Anda&Fala Association and Walk&Talk Festival together with Diana Sousa.

About Walk&Talk Azores Festival:

  • Held for the first time in 2011 in Ponta Delgada city, in São Miguel island at Azores, Walk&Talk was highlighted for its outdoor museum composed by novel works from more than three dozen of Portuguese and foreign artists created with the participation of locals;
  • Over three weeks the festival streamlines a roadmap of artistic interventions in public space and incorporates in its program a collective exhibition, workshops, performances, among other thematic meetings organized in partnership with local cultural associations and entities that constitute Walk&Talk creative network;
  • The main Walk&Talk goals are valuing Azorean culture, promoting the respect for heritage and arts education within the local population, encouraging openness to new realities and affirming the street as a living space, attended, participated, the ideal platform for sharing arts and culture;
  • It has the patronage of the Government through the Regional Youth Director and Regional Tourism. It brings together the support of municipalities of Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande, and numerous public and private partners, including local companies and citizens that offer spaces to house many artistic interventions.
  • For more information visit: www.walktalkazores.org or www.facebook.com/walktalkmovement