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'passtheparcel' at Brooklands Farm Primary School

Date uploaded: November 20, 2013

passtheparcel at Brooklands Farm Primary School:
'How does the idea of 'site-specific' reflect a place so much in flux?' The Eastern expansion of Milton Keynes will become four thousand new homes, several schools etc - but when we arrived here we found only plans and mud!

The idea was this. Passtheparcel would start at the new Brooklands Farm Primary School (the first civic building). It would stay for a period - but when it left it would leave a gift - made from its own oak. The proposed gift for the school is shown below right. When it arrived in its next location – in this growing community – it would metamorphose to be appropriate and useful here. But what should Passtheparcel be? Walter Jack Studio consulted widely with the idea – and with the metaphormodel that described the idea.

Passtheparcel is a little over a mile of oak beam. It is currently formed into something a little like this (the image to the right hand side) in the grounds of the school. But it will only stay here a year or so. In 2014 Walter Jack Studio will dismantle their mile of oak – and it will become something else. And so on. This is just the start.

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Walter Jack Studio: 'passtheparcel' at Brooklands Farm Primary School

Walter Jack Studio: 'passtheparcel' at Brooklands Farm Primary School