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Encounters 'One-Off' projects

Date uploaded: April 10, 2013

Encounters design and deliver a diverse range of One-Off creative interventions ranging in time from a few hours to six months and in scope from a small participatory activity through to a multi-layered project.

Drawing on their socially and ecologically engaged arts practice, they respond to:

  • Commissions – designing and delivering projects in response to a site, an issue, a context;
  • Invitations from partners, friends, associates to co-design a project or add in their distinct flavour to something someone else has already set in motion
  • Invitations to go and talk about our work, deliver a training, write a strategy or run a workshop.

Encounters also initiate their own one-off projects, interventions, get togethers that have a unique moment in time and place.

Encounters currently have several One-Off projects underway including the delivery of a Totnes based Heritage Lottery project called The Atmospheric Story Laboratory. This project will gather personal stories from the past about the listed Brunel Building and the Former Dairy Crest site in Totnes as well as current stories about the campagin to bring the site into community ownership. Looking to the future, the project will also work in partnership with the ATMOS project to integrate stories and ideas generated into a masterplan and new story for the future of the site. Associates Toni Spencer and James Engwell will be working with Creative Director Ruth Ben-Tovim on this project. Details will be coming soon.

Encounters feel strongly that now is the time for collaboration, for adding value to each others work, joining forces to respond creatively and in a joined up way to the challenges and opportunities they face today. If you are interested in an Encounters One-Off then get in touch.


About Encounters: Encounters was formed by artists Ruth Ben-Tovim and Trish O’Shea in 2003 when they took over and created the first Encounters Shops in Sharrow, Sheffield. They are now a group of artists, facilitators, sustainability innovators, creative educators, cultural translators and change agents. Based in Totnes, Devon, they work locally, nationally & internationally.

"Encounters artists reach members of the community simply by listening. They create art by allowing people a place to come to, a place to talk about our lives, and our world" (participant)

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