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Fiona Curran commission for Kielder Art & Architecture

Date uploaded: October 20, 2015

Fiona Curran has been selected to create a new temporary artwork at Kielder Castle Visitor Centre in Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland. London based artist Fiona Curran was selected based on her proposal responding to the historic enclosure of the English countryside.

The sculpture will take the form of a series of sculptural ‘fences’, enclosing an area of the forest close to the Grade II listed Kielder Castle. The sculpture is expected to be unveiled to visitors in spring 2016.

Kielder Water & Forest Park has become the largest open air space in the UK to experience artworks, thanks to the award-winning Kielder Art & Architecture programme.

Since 1999 over 30 permanent and temporary works have been commissioned for Kielder Water & Forest Park, including Kielder Skyspace by James Turrell, the award winning Kielder Observatory by Charles Barclay Architects, Silvas Capitalis by SIMPARCH and Minotaur by Coombe & Kitchen. A series of curator led arts tours, funded by the Arts Council England, now allow visitors to venture further into the park by minibus to a selection of Kielder’s most iconic artworks.

This commissioning opportunity is part of a wider project by the Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust and Forestry Commission England, involving artists Heather & Ivan Morison and Mosedale Gillatt Architects, exploring the long-term future and identity of the castle.

“The area holds rich and diverse histories that encompass human tales as well as those of the landscape, the flora and fauna. I look forward to encountering these histories in the coming months and to contributing another layer to the ongoing stories of Kielder Castle and its surroundings.” Fiona Curran

Click here to find out more at the Kielder Art & Architecture website.

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