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Fruit for the Apocalypse: 'Surrealist Taxi'

Date uploaded: October 28, 2013

Surrealist Taxi - exclusively available in the London Borough of Camden for Camden New Wave - 25th October until 3rd November 2013

Surrealist Taxi. German precision. French insouciance.

"L’automobile est un équivalent assez exact des cathédrales gothiques." Roland Barthes      

SURREALIST TAXI will be picking up fares in Camden as part of Camden New Wave.

If luck is on your side, the taxi can be ordered by calling 074 132 888 50.

Embrace the adventure to nowhere you ever thought you’d wanted to go in the London Borough of Camden.

For more information look at facebook.

(different RULES from the Commercial Road Surrealist Taxi)

You phone 074 132 888 50.

If someone picks up the phone, you may use the surrealist taxi immediately, if it is available. You may also call the number to book in advance.

You can indeed leave a message. Someone may try to phone you back but they might not be able to meet every request.

If your booking is successful, the surrealist taxi will pick you up from wherever you wish, provided the collection point is in the London Borough of Camden.

The surrealist taxi will deal you five cards.

The cards will determine direction of travel and time of travel in specified direction.

Once the fifth card has expired you have reached your destination and must exit the vehicle.

You will travel solo, in a pair or a three.

The surrealist taxi normally costs £2 per card with a minimum buy in of 5 cards. If you live work or study in the London Borough of Camden you may use new Crisis currency (which consists of whatever token you decide should be currency*).

You will receive a memento of your journey which will be filmed in some way.

*any item will be considered to be the new currency apart from old, new or future copies of the Daily Mail since they have no cultural or intrinsic value.

“vous faisant découvrir des endroits que vous ne connaissiez pas auparavant…”

You can also play Surrealist Taxi outside the above date by using the Commercial Road rules. The Surrealist Taxi has been in operation 24hrs a day 7 days a week since 2010.

Click here to visit the website.

Click here for more information about Fruit for the Apocalypse.