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Heinrich & Palmer's ‘Déjà vu’

Date uploaded: November 20, 2013

Déjà vu, by artists Heinrich & Palmer, has been installed in the recently completed Ashgate Medical Practice in Chesterfield. The artists entitled their work Déjà vu to reflect the idea of landscape and memory. Déjà vu is a constantly changing panorama made up of a combination of views and vistas from landscapes around Chesterfield. The artwork is made up of a series of illuminated ‘lenticular’ images which slowly transform and change as you walk past them, causing the landscape to ripple and flicker.

Lenticular printing involves digitally splicing two or more images together and printing this onto a special plastic sheet which has hundreds of lens ridges across its surface. This allows one image to be seen from one angle and change into the second as the viewer walks past and views from another angle.

As Heinrich & Palmer put the images together and travelled to find the locations, the landscapes were also viewed in the car mirrors. These mirror images are reflected in some of the transitions across the panorama. The scenes that form this panorama may appear familiar to people, but on closer inspection will turn out to be somewhat different to what is actually there. Déjà vu is about movement, landscape and about how those experiences and memories create a sense of place. The only part of the panorama that remains unchanging is the view over Chesterfield that has been embedded into the centre of the image.

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