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One & Other - Gormley's Fourth Plinth Project Gets Underway

Date uploaded: March 19, 2009

Update July 2009: The project is underway in Trafalgar Square and you can now view the live web cam for the Fourth Plinth by clicking here. The webcam will be streamed live 24 hours a day.

Update June 2009: Westminster Council have granted planning permission for One & Other to go ahead. Read more on the BBC website.

Starting from 6th July - 14 October 2009 an extraordinary event will take place in the UK.  Antony Gormley, the man behind Britain's best-loved sculpture, The Angel of the North, invites you to help create an astonishing living monument that will place the ordinary people of the UK on the empty Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square in London.

Every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days without a break, a different person will occupy the Plinth in Trafalgar Square, a space normally reserved for statues of Kings and Generals. Participants will be picked at random, chosen from the thousands who will apply an uninterrupted succession of 2400 volunteers who will create a unique portrait of the UK in the 21st century.

One & other is open to anyone and everyone from any corner of the UK*. If you're selected, you can use your time on the plinth as you like  but whatever you do you'll be part of an unforgettable artistic experiment.

One person.  One hour. One & Other. 

Register your interest today.

One & Other is produced by Artichoke in partnership with Sky Arts
The Fourth Plinth project is run by the Mayor of London with funding from Arts Council England

"One & Other is a simple proposition. We need one hour of your time. You decide what to do with it. What will unfold is completely unpredictable. We are literally going public. We are putting the Plinth in your hands or literally under your feet".  Antony Gormley

Anthony Gormley, One & Other, Fourth Plinth Trafalgar Square, London

Anthony Gormley, One & Other, Fourth Plinth Trafalgar Square, London