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Studio Weave's 'the Hear Heres': Kedleston's new landscape art project

Date uploaded: September 24, 2012

Hear Heres: Kedleston's new landscape art project

Autumn 2012 will see the installation of a playful new art project called the Hear Heres in the grounds of Robert Adam’s designed parkland. London-based architectural practice Studio Weave and Kedleston have designed the Hear Here walk for visitors to enjoy.

The artwork will enable you to hear the sounds around Kedleston Hall as you never have before so that the outdoors will be somewhere new for you to explore. Through the Hear Heres you can listen to, and interact with, the different sights and sounds of this extraordinary landscape.

The four metal structures are designed to pick up and amplify particular sounds related to their locations. Whilst the Hear Heres listen to the landscape they have also heard the stories of Kedleston that have been told over the centuries. You can also touch the pieces, in turn adding to their story.

‘We have designed something which we hope will open up new, immersive and interactive experiences for visitors. We want it to take the form of a treasure hunt rather than a guided tour,’ explains Maria Smith of Studio Weave who have created the artwork.

Where can you find the Hear Heres?
The Hear Heres are located at four different places around the parkland for you to discover in your own ‘treasure hunt’. There will be a map and way markers to guide you. The walk will be approximately an hour and a half, but you can come back to the hall at several points. The walk is an off path route suitable for all terrain buggies and people in appropriate footwear.

Installing art at Kedleston Hall
Following the success of Susie MacMurray’s site-specific installation, Promenade in 2010 which saw 143 miles of gold thread woven around the columns of the Marble Hall at Kedleston, the Hear Heres is one of the most ambitious projects of the National Trust this year. It is part of the ‘Playful Landscapes’ in the region, which also features sculpture in the trees at Clumber Park by London Fireworks.

Hear Here events
Alongside the Hear Heres there will be a programme of events. There will also be a variety of guided walks for you to discover more about this new experience.

The Hear Heres will be here at Kedleston Hall from Saturday 15th September 2012.

Click here for more information.

The Hear Heres by Studio Weave

The Hear Heres by Studio Weave