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Art & the Public Realm: Commissioning in a heritage context

Saturday 1-4pm, 4 Weeks: 23rd February-16th March

Art & the Public Realm: Commissioning in a heritage context
Saturdays 1-4pm
4 Weeks:
23rd February - 16th March
Tutor: Aldo Rinaldi
Venue: 0.11, East Building, University of Bath

Bath is an historic city, with UNESCO status, and as such highly protected in terms of its spaces and what may or may not be posited in the public realm. This course examines the role of artists in commissioning within public space, a brief history on the field of public art, with a special focus on works produced in a historic setting. These projects, presented as case studies, would show how artists can actively engage with the built environment, through temp, perm and integrated interventions and with a sensitivity to site. The course would also feature a workshop element where sites are chosen in Bath, and ideas for public art interventions (designs) tested and critiqued in a group session. The course would consider the work of art outside of the traditional gallery or museum context and how to commission in even the most protected locations.

Tutor: Aldo Rinaldi is a curator and commissioner based in Bristol. He is currently the Senior Public Art Officer for the City of Bristol where he oversees the ongoing strategic development of public art across the City, implementing Bristol City Council's Public Art Policy and delivering a number of public art projects across the City, through strategic and collaborative working, with a range of public and private sector partners. Current projects include new commissions by Tue Greenfort, Roger Hiorns, Mark Titchner, Simon and Tom Bloor, Sabine Hornig, Maria Thereza Alves, N55 and Martin Parr.

Price: £68, £48 Concs
Box Office: 01225 386777

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