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Hide&Seek Conference: Playing in Public

Monday 17th September, 9am-4.45pm

Hide&Seek Conference: Playing in Public
Monday 17th September
Southbank Centre, London

Hide&Seek brings you Playing In Public - a conference day intended to illuminate the latest and best thinking around the subject of public play. Games are entering the cultural mainstream and becoming part of our civic life, creating a set of challenges and opportunities for professionals tasked with managing public spaces.

Through a series of talks from leading thinkers and practitioners, showcases from artists and game designers, and tailored networking sessions, the conference is designed to create an environment where new ideas for the future of play in public space can flourish.
Click here to view the programme for the conference.

Tickets are available from the Southbank Centre website, and are £60/£30 concession (including students, unemployed and low-income artists).

  • The Who and How of Collaboration. Creating games and playful experiences for public spaces begins from innovative collaborations: between artists, game designers, architects, organisations, curators, funders and space holders. The day will look at the issue of collaboration from all these perspectives, illuminating the practical and creative steps necessary to foster great projects.
  • The Past and Future of Public Play. Playing in public is arguably our oldest cultural activity, yet games are generally thought of has a technological, industrial cultural form. How can we link heritage with innovation?

Visit weekender.hideandseek.net/conference/