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‘Building Peace Through The Arts In Colgan’

Deadline: June 20, 2014, 9:00 am

Colgan Community & Resource Centre Ltd wishes to recruit an experienced artist/facilitator to carry out community consultation and creative engagement.

The projects aim is to develop a public art piece located at the Colgan Hall which will be informed by, and developed through, all inclusive consultation with the local community, and which will provide an opportunity for dialogue across a wide demographic to include people from the local community of different religious beliefs, political opinions, racial groups, age, marital status, sexual orientation, people with disabilities and persons with and without dependants. The hall celebrates its centenary year this year and has a long history as a community and educational hub within the local area. This project would aim to develop healthy relationships and connections between individuals, groups and communities and to increase social cross community engagement.

Colgan Community & Resource Centre Ltd’s vision is for the artwork to be a symbol of a shared community  space which is reflective of, and celebrates, the history of the local area, the history of the Colgan Hall and the evolving nature of its uses as a community space. We welcome bids from collaborating artists and peace building facilitators.

The remit of the facilitator and/or artist will be to:

  • creatively engage with key groups and individuals;
  • to assist in the peace-building process, 
  • investigate potential themes for the artwork including site selection; 
  • oversee monitoring and evaluation of workshops; 
  • ascertain all the considerations to inform the development of a brief for the public artwork, including planning permission and requirements, land ownership and any other technical considerations. 
  • The facilitator and/or artist will produce a report on the findings of the above, with recommendations, and present to the local project steering group. This report will include: the themes and outcomes of the workshops; monitoring and evaluation information on participants and any considerations informing the development of the brief.

The fee is €3580 which includes materials, artist fees, research costs, report costs and travel.  Please provide a breakdown of all costs inclusive of VAT.

For full details please download the full brief below.

Download Building Peace Colgan.pdf(622 KB)