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3 small scale commissions

Deadline: February 26, 2010

As a part of current research in the city of Lincoln, to find out what people in the city want from art; three small scale commissions are open for submission. The commissions are designed to allow emerging artists the opportunity to create situational work in Lincoln, as well as acting as an opinion poll. The work will be judged by passers by to determine how the public react to the art, and to gage opinion on the type of art work. The commissions will be stand alone events but will be situated alongside research stations that will be monitoring public reaction to the commission.

Each commission has a budget of £100, this will include all expenses.
Each proposal must include an explanation of the intended work, time frame, budget, work requirements, information about the artist, examples of past work.

Proposals are sought for the three commissions using the following headings;

Intervention commission; Designed to explore intervention via an action and will result in a two or three dimensional out come but will not be preformative as an end product.

Interaction commission; This commission is designed to explore a relationship between the art and the audience by actively involving the audience in the work.

Performance / live commission; Exploring the format of live art work and performance this commission will either be durational for the full day or will be repeated several times through out.

The commissions will take place on Saturday 13th March.

Please email submissions to [email protected]
If you have any questions or wish to make a postal application please contact the above email address.

For more information please click here