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A Forgotten Landscape

Deadline: May 11, 2015, 9:00 am

'A Forgotten Landscape' is a 3.5 year, HLF-funded, natural and built heritage project based in the landscape of the Lower Severn Vale Levels. The project is seeking an artist to develop, either individually or leading a collective / group, a public art programme that includes creative engagement with communities across the area, developing design guidelines for interpretive elements and developing permanent artworks for the Severn Beach promenade area.

Commission Details -A Forgotten Landscape (AFL) is a large-scale natural and built heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project is a Landscape Partnership Scheme made up of statutory and non-statutory bodies including South Gloucestershire Council, Bristol City Council, RSPB, Natural England, FWAG, BRERC, UWE and Avon Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency, alongside stakeholder groups including businesses, parish councils, schools and walking groups.

AFL seeks to conserve and enhance the Lower Severn Vale Levels, an area of low-lying floodplain along the shore of the Severn Estuary, while improving community access to and engagement with the area’s unique natural and cultural heritage. Key to this is demonstrating the inter-relatedness of the natural and historic environment. More information about the project can be found by clicking here.

The Commission - The art programme should enhance people’s appreciation and enjoyment of the project area, embrace its landscape and history, and involve local people in creating an artistic response. The programme will focus on the following three aspects, which are to be considered equally important.

  1. Creative Engagement - It is anticipated that the chosen artist will act as lead artist to deliver a programme of creative engagement with communities and schools across the area in support of the interpretation and learning strands of the project. This programme should act as research and development for other aspects of the arts project but also seek to raise the profile of the overall project and engage residents in it. Interventions are welcomed that will surprise and delight and capture the imagination of local communities. In the light of their delivery of this creative engagement programme, it is envisaged the chosen artist will advise on and support other community engagement events that the project will undertake throughout its lifespan, such as Old Photos day and the Levels Festival
  2. Design Development - In response to their research through the creative engagement programme, the artist will develop detailed design guidelines for identified interpretive elements of the project area; the AFL project includes potential locations for 12 interpretation boards and 8 benches. The work of manufacturing the boards and benches will form a separate tender, with the design guidelines as the basis.
  3. Creation of Permanent Artwork(s) - The artist will produce a permanent artwork or series of artworks for the Severn Beach promenade area to create interest on a walking route and aid interpretation. The commissioners wish to introduce public art that will be unique and inspiring and which will endure in this particular location. The permanent piece(s) should all support interpretation of the project area, promoting its legibility and the unique identity.  It/they should have a strong sensory element so they are available to everyone and should capitalise on and respond to what people see, hear, feel, smell and taste in their communities.

To download the full brief and application details click here.