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Art for Alder Hey in the Park: Quiet and Reflective Space

Deadline: October 29, 2013

Art for Alder Hey in the Park: Quiet and Reflective Space

The Commission
Art for Alder Hey in the Park is seeking an artist (or artists’ group) who will consult with staff, parents and children and young people as part of the process to design and make a work of art, and/or series of smaller pieces, for the new Quiet and Reflective Space in the new Hospital. This room will be used by people who have a religious faith, as well as those who do not.

No religious iconography is acceptable, but the art may reflect the environmental /nature theme of the overall programme.

Introduction and Background
The new Alder Hey Children’s Health Park is a unique concept in which the 100 year old hospital will be replaced by a new 270 bed hospital designed and built by ‘Acorn’ and a new public health park created on the old hospital site. (Laing O’Rourke Construction with Building Design Partnership Architects) http://www.alderhey.nhs.uk/category/alder-hey-in-the-park/

The new hospital will be a welcoming healing environment in which the art helps enhance and improve the patient experience and enables a personalised delivery of healthcare’ for children and young people.

A lead artist, Lucy Casson, has led artistic wayfinding, and developed the ‘sense’ of the hospital linked to the environmental/nature interest of the Health Park. This commission is informed by Alder Hey’s commitment to artistic practice and artist collaborations that will support children, their families, staff and visitors: http://www.alderhey.nhs.uk/departments/arts-for-health/. A Children and Young People’s Design Group helps inspire the artistic vision, and is consulted on designs.

Commission Details: OPEN COMPETITION
The work(s) are to be designed and made for the interior of the Quiet and Reflective Space, but could also help announce it at the entrance. We ask that the artist embrace the qualities that we believe makes Alder Hey special – warmth, being cared for, a friendly welcome, and, in the work, simplicity, high quality of thought and execution, and willingness to go the extra distance.

Suggestions for the artist to consider include the following:

  • A bespoke ‘message board’ on which thoughts and messages can be attached
  • Designed furniture – approximately 12 seats/benches are required
  • Moveable screen to create private spaces
  • Any other art work that responds to the space

An essential element of the art required is an integrated drawing, notation, shallow relief, or similar, that indicates the direction to Mecca for Muslim believers.

The theme of nature or the environment in general is supported. This is in line with the environmental / ecological theme of the overall Art Strategy.

Further details including notes from meetings held with the Chaplaincy and Muslim representatives, plans, etc will be provided at the shortlisting stage.

At this stage we require a digital portfolio & c.v. of relevant work and a letter expressing your interest in and appropriateness for this project
by 29th October.

Art for Alder Hey in the Park will shortlist by 5th November.

Further details will be supplied to shortlisted artists: November (date to be agreed).

Art for Alder Hey in the Park plan to appoint by early December 2013.

Outline Work Schedule: Work will take place throughout 2014 including design, making, and consultation with all stakeholders. Installation (tba) Spring 2015.

Budget: c£12,000.00 inclusive of fee and materials.

Please submit your work digitally to:
Lesley Greene
Art Consultant Art in Alder Hey in the Park
[email protected]
Tel: 01452770018
Tel: 07760258160