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Avenue Parade Entrance Commission, Peel Park, Accrington

Deadline: September 27, 2011

Avenue Parade Entrance Commission, Peel Park, Accrington

Mid Pennine Arts would like to commission an artist/designer to create a sculptural entrance feature for Avenue Parade Entrance, Peel Park. The entrance commands an imposing position within the town and the commission will highlight this position to create impact both visually and emotionally for the community.

The new entrance will represent a new life for the park, encouraging exploration and involvement.

There will be flexibility within what the commission can encompass as part of the overall entrance programme, therefore the commission budget is also reasonably flexible.  To accommodate this, 3 designs will shortlisted. A small payment will be made to allow the designs to be developed for public presentation.

Additional improvement works that could be included in a proposal as part of an overall treatment for the site. 

The existing boundary to the side of the entrance is due to be widened and landscaped. New hard surfacing, fencing, gates, bollards and planting could form part of any new entrance feature.

Details of how to apply, further commission information, site maps and the practical needs and constraints of this project are available at the website link below.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 27th September 2011

Visit midpenninearts.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/avenue-parade-artist-commission/