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Beam Time: artist's research residency at Central Laser Facility

Deadline: November 25, 2013, 10:00 am

The Arts Catalyst and Artquest are pleased to announce a new artist research residency at the Central Laser Facility, Oxfordshire. The residency aims is to give an artist the opportunity to develop their practice (and potentially a new body of work) through a period of research and engagement with science specialists. The artist will have access to staff and research at the Central Laser Facility, making at least 10 visits between February to May 2014, and be required to present their work and research in a public facing event in May 2014.

Developed using ideas proposed by Einstein in 1917, laser technology has evolved into a huge variety of fields, with applications reaching almost every aspect of society as well as shining a light on fundamental concepts in chemistry, biology and physics.

The Central Laser Facility produces some of the world’s most powerful light beams, providing scientists with an unparalleled range of state-of-the-art laser technology. These high-powered lasers can be used, for example, to recreate the extreme conditions inside stars and planets by focusing pulses down to a tiny spot where the temperature reaches millions of degrees and the pressure rises to billions of Atmospheres. In contrast advanced, compact, tunable lasers can reveal intricate detail on a microscopic scale enabling scientists to build up a complex picture of the exact molecular interactions that lead to disease, and laser beam 'tweezers' are capable of holding individual micro-droplets that make up clouds helping scientists gain an insight into climate change. The laser pulses are so short that they can even take snapshots of chemical reactions in action and electricity travelling through material.

On offer: £3000 artist fee, £350 travel expenses

Eligibility: Any visual artist living and working in England who has been practicing outside of undergraduate education for a minimum of 5 Years is eligible to apply. Applicants may not be enrolled on a course of full-time or part-time study during the residency period.

Deadline for applications: 10am Monday 25th November 2013.

Click here to download details, supporting material and an application form.

Click here to download the Artist's Application Form.(314 KB)