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Beaulieu; Finding the Path, Telling the Story

Deadline: April 16, 2015

Countryside Zest (Beaulieu Park LLP) and London and Quadrant Housing Trust have announced a call for 'Expressions of Interest' from artists working in the public realm, particularly makers of permanent embedded and free-standing artworks, with experience of community engagement.

Context: The neighbourhood centre is the first major stage of the emerging Beaulieu development on the outskirts of Chelmsford. The centre includes a community centre with retail units, public square set in extensive planting.

Developer: ‘Countryside Zest (Beaulieu Park LLP) is a partnership formed between Countryside Properties and London and Quadrant Housing Trust to implement and deliver the new neighbourhood planned for north-east Chelmsford known as Beaulieu’.

Key Facts: Requirements include: - community engagement to inform the artist. The budget can be allocated as a whole or to smaller elements forming a total project, and is dependent on the scale of each part of the project; anticipated range of £20 to £75K for a single artist/element. Each commissioned artist or group will be expected to collaborate with other artists and meet with stakeholders.

Vision: The public art in the Beaulieu Centre is to create an exciting and dynamic sense of place. It is an opportunity to create an environment which goes beyond the purely functional and creates a place that reflects the life, identity and aspirations of the existing and the new community.


  • to reflect the diverse layers of personal experience
  • to establish a cultural identity
  • to promote life, creative activity and mental well-being in the open spaces included


  • The human story – the early residents, from Iron Age, Roman, Medieval and Tudor Periods, including palace courtiers, peasant farmers, religious order, and the latter day school community. This may be reflected in stories, forming part of an oral tradition, and surviving texts, in the form of letters, recipes, household bills, poems, newspaper articles etc.
    It is expected that this will be elaborated by community engagement.

Art works: There is scope for sculptural destination/focal points and embedded artworks. Embedded artworks in public space and on buildings; treatment of hard surfaces and elevations, railings, benches, gates, wayfinders, shelter. Text embedded to link areas and pieces creating poetic allusions along the way.

Sculptural piece: To create the distinctive atmosphere required and to complement the elegant
architecture and function of the space. It is important that themes, images and locations are generated through workshops or events. The art works are to be interactive or sensory in some way to ensure that they are inclusive and
widely accessible.

For further information or preliminary discussion contact Alison Turnbull
or follow the link for background information http://www.beaulieuconsultation.co.uk/

Portfolios (links to websites), a CV and a statement outlining applicants
approach can be submitted to: Alison Turnbull Associates [email protected]

By: Midnight 16th April 2015