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Community Engagement Project for Augusta Park Public Art

Deadline: December 15, 2014, 5:00 pm

Test Valley Borough Council wishes to commission an artist/arts organisation to carry out a programme of community engagement that will involve residents develop ideas for an artist’s brief that is inline with its Public Art Strategy. Under the Section 106 agreement for the development Augusta Park, sited at East Anton, Andover, two works of public art are to be commissioned for the site.

Aims and Objectives

  • To engage residents through a series of creative workshops, discussions, consultations
  • To explore themes as outlined below through a variety of media
  • To compile a report making recommendations for an artist’s brief for two works of public art sited in open space, one in the north and one in the south of the development.

The land where Augusta Park is built has for centuries been agricultural, and was criss-crossed by ancient paths and roads down which farmers would have driven their livestock to market. The themes for this project will be drawn from this history, the idea of lost paths and the influence agriculture would have had on the development of ancient settlements at East Anton. Archaeology reveals remains of many different animals: pigs/hogs/hunting dogs/deer/ horse bones/bronze figurine of bird.

The budget for the project is £14,000 exclusive of VAT. This should include all professional fees, materials, travel and accommodation costs. There may be an opportunity to utilise the Test Valley Arts Foundation Art Bus as part of the project to provide a mobile studio on site. The cost of hiring this will need to be worked into the proposal.