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Crash 2016

Deadline: December 13, 2015, 9:00 am

In-Situ have announced they are looking for applicants for a 1-week emerging artist residency. 20 emerging artists from across the UK will have free roam over a 7 acre derelict mill and the time and materials to begin making socially-relevant, impactful work. Learn from each other, established artists, and sector experts to begin building a sustainable art career.

About Crash

This will be an intensive communal event in which relationships and lasting networks will be built, developing a strong and resilient emerging artist community.

Each day will begin with a talk from a relevant expert speaking about how they have survived in the art world. Topics will include: money, ethics, engaging with communities, building art-spaces & technological innovation. You will then be free to use their new environment, community, and expertise to begin building work- collaboratively or alone- which will develop throughout the week. Each day will end with a communal meal and time to discuss and reflect on the day’s progression.

This is a free event and all accommodation and food will be provided.

Location: Brierfield Mill, Dale Street, Brierfield, Lancashire, BB9 5PL.

Date: 3rd– 9th January 2016

Accomodation: Nelson ILP Clarion House, Jinney Lane, Newchurch-in-Pendle, Lancashire, BB12 9LL

This will be indoor-camping-style accomodation. All artists will be sleeping in one, unsectioned camping barn. Please be prepared to bring a roll-matt, sleeping bag, and plenty of warm clothes! 

Requirements: This event is open to anyone that has graduated in Fine Art since 2012.

This is an open brief residency. For more information or to apply click here.