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Greater Thames Marshes, Nature Improvement Area Commission Opportunity

Deadline: March 3, 2014

Essex County Council and Place Services on behalf of the Greater Thames Marshes Nature Improvement Area (NIA) partnership and with support from the Arts Council of England and the Olympic Legacy Interpretation fund is offering a commission for up to £26,500 for the research, design and implementation of a new artwork. The artwork aims to encourage new visitors, enhance understanding and create habitat for the Greater Thames Marshes and the species that inhabit this unique environment, as part of a Nature Watch Point project.

The commission is open to artist and artist collaborations that have practices in land art, exploring environmental issues or inspired by the natural environment.

Nature Watch Points deliver the Greater Thames Marshes NIA vision for engaging with local communities: “Through an inspiring programme of events and activities local communities will understand, appreciate and experience the wildlife on their doorstep and take actions to protect the natural environment in the Greater Thames Marshes NIA” Hadleigh Country Park through the creation of an artwork, or series of artworks, aims to enhance the understanding of the environment along this section of the Essex coast.

The project provides a unique opportunity with much of the land within Hadleigh Country Park being designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest as it is a haven for around 1,300 species of wildlife including the shrill carder bee, the emerald damselfly and the weevil hunting wasp. The local environment also supports dark-bellied Brent geese.

The works should assist in creating a desirable destination, opening up the location and improving the public’s understanding and experience. Links with other associated initiatives should be taken into account during the development of the project, providing a creative programme that will contribute and enhance the identity of Hadleigh Country Park as part of the Nature Improvement Area as a unique and wildlife-rich landscape.

For more information please download the full brief below.

Download Hadleigh Country Park - Nature Improvement Area..pdf(85 KB)