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HOUSE 2013 Festival, Brighton: Commissioning Opportunity

Deadline: February 4, 2013

HOUSE 2013 Festival, Brighton
Commissioning Opportunity
Proposals invited
4th February 2013

HOUSE 2013 Festival, Brighton are offering four commissioning opportunities for work to be shown during this year's festival in May.

The festival is curated by Photoworks Head of Programme, Celia Davies.

Practitioners based in South East England are invited to submit proposals making a point of connection with the Festival's lead artist for 2013 Mariele Neudecker on the theme Unknown landscapes - Domestic landscapes.

Co-commissioned with Brighton Festival and Arts Council England, Neudecker's HOUSE 2013 work will explore two unknowable and sublime landscapes. In 2012 Neudecker used photography to document a sled expedition with native hunters to North West Greenland. In so doing she travelled backwards through the history of photography using digital, Polaroid and pinhole cameras. She also explored underwater mountain ranges and collaborated with a deep-sea marine biologist.

Neudecker will use the Regency Town House in Brighton as a container for her concept. Interconnected pieces in a range of media will span the three floors of the building. The intent is to create and domesticate a 'geological/geophysical slice' of recorded 'yet fictionalised landscape'.

Click here to visit the HOUSE 2013 website and read more about Neudecker's commission.

HOUSE 2013 will commission four additional projects responding to the ideas behind Neudecker's commission; to interior landscapes distorting and playing with ideas of perception. The festival invites proposals intentionally using unexpected locations as 'containers'  for work that interacts with that space. These might include familiar and public buildings or private domestic spaces. HOUSE 2013 will seek out and invite artists to seek out less familiar outdoor spaces, using Brighton & Hove as both an interior and exterior urban space.

Funding of £4000 will be provided for each project.

Find out more about the submission process and the festival at  HOUSEfestival.org

Click here to visit the HOUSE 2013 website.

Hunting Trip - Mariele Neudecker, Lead Artist 2013

Hunting Trip - Mariele Neudecker, Lead Artist 2013