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Ice House Square Lighting Commission

Deadline: January 29, 2010

The City and County of Swansea and the Welsh Assembly Government wish to appoint a lighting artist, or team of artists, to design a public space and lighting scheme for Ice House Square, a key arrival site in the SA1 development.

The development of SA1 aims to reconnect the Prince of Wales Dock to the rest of the city. The vision for SA1 is for it to be a 'lively, attractive waterside destination, fostering a high standard of urban design and architecture with an emphasis on innovation, modernity and flexibility'.

The square is overlooked by two developments and has already been planted with a formal grid of 16 boxed trees but remains unpaved with temporary finishes to the adjacent footway. It is envisaged that an artist working primarily in light will animate the space and create a dynamic and integrated artwork, which would also make the most of the trees as three-dimensional structures. The artist will also be expected to consider the paving/surface design of the area around the trees.

Budget for design and implementation: £150,000 + VAT (To include all fees, lighting fittings and installation, artistic treatment to the paving but not the cost of the paving material.)

To obtain full details of the project contact: [email protected]