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Lead artists required to work on SAW intergenerational projects

Deadline: February 28, 2010, 12:00 pm

SAW will be delivering a project called ‘Making Matters’.

We will deliver up to five creative projects using the skills and resources of artists to bring together young and older people using ‘Making Matters’ as catalyst to open up new participation in the community.  In particular we look to help promote the values and skills of ‘making’ as a means of self-expression and improved self-esteem across all ages and abilities.

As part of this project we are looking to employ professional lead artists for a series of projects.
We are recruiting now for an artist to lead our Victoria Park Community centre project, starting late Spring.  We will be creating large permanent wall panels for the cafe at the centre, working with under 25s and over 50s from the local area.

Intergenerational practice aims to promote and encourage cohesion in communities so that older and younger people can improve the extent that they:

  • Value and respect one another
  • Feel safe and secure in their community
  • Are able to speak about their issues and views
  • Have opportunities to come together to make a difference in their community
  • Enjoy healthy, active and fulfilling lives.

Each project will be devised locally and focuses on different themes to suit the host partner and participants.  All projects explore and use intergenerational principles of engagement using various 2D and 3D artsforms.

If you are interested in being a part of this project please contact Beccy Swaine on [email protected]

For a copy of the full brief please click here(159 KB)