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Living-Spaces: temporary public art commissions

Deadline: November 23, 2009

The Living-Spaces project is an opportunity for the residents of two small towns on the northern edge of Aberdeenshire to work with quality artists to create temporary public art that will examine our relationship with the neglected areas of our built environment.

This project is not intended to provide an immediate cure for dereliction or to beautify specific eyesores in any way. But rather to inspire change in the culture of how we respond to un-used buildings and spaces.

Artist Profile:

  • You will have at least three years experience of delivering site-specific temporary interventions.
  • Your practice will involve working closely with communities in developing ideas for and possibly helping deliver your work.
  • Your work will essentially be visual but it can be time based, have performative elements and involve moving images.

For further information download the brief below or contact Bryan Angus on 01261 812276 or at [email protected]

To download the full brief click here.(350 KB)