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New Art work for 18 Broad Street, Worcester

Deadline: February 11, 2009, 5:00 pm

The Crown Estates wish to commission an artist to propose a new work of art for a key site in Worcester City Centre. This brief outlines an opportunity to make a new work of art for this building and the nearby CrownGate Shopping centre at Chapel Walk. The commissioned work will occupy a pivotal position on the

façade at 18 Broad Street– creating an important visual link between the two shopping centres at Chapel Walk and Friary Walk. The completed work will play a positive role in improving the physical qualities of the public realm in this area, raising the quality of the public realm and enhance the experience of place.

The client seeks to work with an artist who can develop a proposal for a unique and striking piece of work.

18 Broad Street is a listed building and is being refurbished to improve the conditions of the building in particular the façade, thus improving the retail opportunity on this prominent site. The refurbishment work will be completed early in 2009.

The Site

The façade is at a prominent junction of Broad Streetand and is sited between Friary Walk and Chapel Walk; the two shopping centres which make up CrownGate.

The façade will contribute an important element to an improved public realm in this pedestrian area of the City Centre. Currently there is a wall painting on the façade framed by architectural detailing, formerly a text based advert could be found in this position.

The Scope of the Art Work

The client is not restricting the work being a replacement to be a wall based painting – this may require high levels of maintenance.

Alternative approaches should be considered and could include applied materials, for example light based work: projections; relief or metalwork attached to the façade. Artists may wish to consider the use of text in the work. The location of the existing painting does not represent the limits of the new work – artists could consider a work that comprised of individual elements across the full façade.

The building is listed and so proposals will need to gain listed buildings consent.

The work should be site specific and respond to both the physical context of the site but also the wish of the client for the work to make a positive contribution to the experience of place in Worcester City Centre. The work may explore geographical, social or historical qualities of the site. Artists will be invited to propose methodologies for developing proposals that can respond to these qualities. The work should be original in concept and executed to a high standard.

Appointment of the Artist

A shortlist of artists will be invited to an interview to outline their proposed methodology and talk with the client about their arts practice in the context of this commission opportunity. Travel expenses will be paid for attendance at the interview. The client will appoint an artist who they believe can fulfil the requirements of the brief, they will be selected on the basis of their past experience.

Requirements of the Appointed Artist

Once appointed the artist is required to develop a concept and approach to the commission for consideration by the client. This will include a visualisation and drawings, samples of materials proposed where appropriate and an outline estimate for the fabrication costs.

Once agreed by the client the artist will work to develop the design of the proposal in order to obtain costings for fabrication, detailed drawings and visual images. Recommendations for maintenance and requirements for the installation should be described in this detailed specification of the work. This information will also be required for listing building consent. Once all approvals have been gained the artist will undertake to fabricate and deliver the artwork to site, or oversee and monitor the fabrication of the work as required.

The artist is required to keep in close contact with the public art consultant throughout the project.


A concept design fee of £1,500 will be paid to the artist for the first stage of the work. On approval by the client of the outline concept a design development and commission fee of £3500 if they are available to complete the work. A budget of £20,000 for fabrication is available; installation costs are additional to this sum.


The artist will be contracted to Crown Estates for the concept design, design development and commission stages. Should the artist not undertake the fabrication of the artwork the manufacturers will be contracted to The Crown Estates.


Artists will be appointed following the interview on 25th of February in


The concept design will be presented to the client week commencing the 23rd March 2009. It is anticipated that the work should be delivered to site for installation by the end of June 2009 at the latest, subject to approvals.

Expressions of Interest

Artists wishing to be considered to undertake the commission should send a cv, written statement about their work and up to 8 images, all in a digital format appropriate for email to Emma Larkinson at the following address: [email protected].

The deadline for receipt of this information is Wednesday 11th February at 5.00pm. Short listed artists will be required to

attend an interview in Worcester on the 25th February 2009.

Enquiries regarding the brief should be directed to Emma Larkinson on the email above.



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site images for Worcester public art work commission.

site images for Worcester public art work commission.