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Public Art Commission: Cherrywood Extension Project Call for Proposals

Deadline: October 25, 2011

The Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) wish to commission a new public art work as part of the construction of Cherrywood Extension Project (Green Line). The vision is to commission an original and innovative artwork that reflects contemporary art practice and responds specifically to the local areas as outlined in the annex of this document.
The competition is open to practitioners in the areas of: Visual Arts; Theatre; Performance; Literature; Film Making, and other art forms as recognized by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Proposals may be made for temporary or permanent artworks.  Proposals must take into consideration the implications of working within the constraints of this document.  It is critical that proposals submitted are simple to understand, realistic in terms of concept, budgets and implementation, and achievable within the given timeframe.
The total budget for the project is E42,000 (Forty Two Thousand Euro). This amount to include artists fees, design development, fabrication, supply, foundations, installations and landscaping works, artists insurances (public liability & where appropriate contractor), certifications and training, health and safety costs, VAT, and all other expenses and charges.

This is a two stage process.
Stage 1

  • A typed one page proposal outlining ideas and concepts for the piece and potential locations for the work based on the relevant addendum to this document (see below).
  • Up to four illustrations or images to communicate visually the concept behind the work and to indicate the general practicalities surrounding the delivery of the work.
  • A completed signature and enclosures sheet, including an undertaking that this is an original concept and that ownership of the concept and design is with the artist as creator.
  • An up to date CV (no more than 4 pages)
  • Images of previous works – can be print outs or .jpg, .bmp, or .png format
  • Estimated budget and timescale for the completion of the project.
  • Any known supports that will be required for the delivery of the project
  • Any other parties who will have an interest in or will constitute part of the delivery of the work
  • Any time or practical constraints that may impact on the project.

Stage 2
There is a €500 (five hundred Euro) honorarium for the completion of this stage, payable upon receipt of a bona fide stage 2 signed submission.  This stage will be through short listing to up to four applicants.  Where requested, site visits will be available to further develop specifics of ideas and plans.

  • A typed proposal refining the original concept (no more than three pages)
  • Details of materials to be used and on-going maintenance requirements
  • Details of supports required to deliver the project
  • Model, illustrations etc for the communication of size, proportion, materials, and artistic content
  • Statement of suitability of materials and safety and compliance with Health and Safety legislation
  • Detailed Budget Analysis to include all costs associated with the project, and a clear indication of the fee being taken by the artist
  • Detailed schedule for the delivery of the project and a clear indication of contingency and risk analysis for the project
  • Details of support and resources required
  • Details of any planning requirements


Stage 1: Proposals Deadline

25th October 2011

Stage 1 Shortlisted Applicants Notified

10th November 2011

Stage 2 Shortlist Site Visits

17th November 2011

Stage 2 Shortlist Developed designs submitted

9th December 2012

Stage 2 Artist Notification

21st December 2012

Artwork finalized and in place

Before 5th April 2012

Applications should be made to:
RPA Luas Cherrywood Project Applications
Visual Artists Ireland
Central Hotel Chambers
7/9 Dame Court
Dublin 2

Applications to arrive no later than 5:30pm on 25th October 2011 at the above address. Late and/or incomplete applications will be deemed to be invalid. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.

No fax or email submissions will be accepted for this project.

Unsuccessful applications may be collected from Visual Artists Ireland Offices from 28 November 2011 until 2 December 2011. After this time applications will be disposed of. Do not send original works, or irreplaceable documentation. RPA do not take responsibility for loss or damage in transit or storage.

Further details on this project are available in the following documents:
Luas Dockland Project – Call for Proposals
See the website below for full details and supporting documents.

Visit visualartists.ie/jobs-ops/commissions/public-art-commission-cherrywood-extension-project-call-for-proposals/