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Public Art Officer Opportunity for £11m Shiregreen Streetscene project, Sheffield

Deadline: May 27, 2009

This brief is for the appointment of an Artist/ Artist team (referred to as ‘Artist’ throughout this brief) as part of an £11m project to bring widespread improvements to the street scene of Shiregreen in the North of Sheffield. The role of the Artist will be to help give a community focus and creative direction to the design and delivery of the streetscene changes which will make a significant contribution to the lives of local people and the character of the area. The appointed Artist will work jointly with and as a sub-consultant to a Landscape Architect in a Design Team to develop deliverable design ideas.

The overall Shiregreen Streetscene Project involves both the design and delivery of public realm improvements. The Artist’s commission, described in this brief, is for research, community engagement and working in the design team to produce a design strategy. This strategy may propose art works for the delivery stage of the project, however, any further Artist’s works resulting from this strategy will be the subject of a separate commission.

The total budget for the Artist commission is £15,000 (excluding VAT) and the work must be delivered before the end of September 2009.

Download the full artist's brief(772 KB)