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Wildwood Development at Blackhorse Road, Mangotsfield - Public Art Commission

Deadline: April 21, 2014, 9:00 am

Cotswold Homes in consultation with South Gloucestershire Council Arts Development Service is seeking to commission an artist to create a socially engaged project  for its new Wildwood development at Blackhorse Road, Mangotsfield.

Cotswold Homes wishes to appoint an artist to develop and deliver a project with the following aims:

  • To engage new residents and build social relationships in the new community
  • To create links to the existing community, particularly the neighbouring community centre and allotments but also local schools and community groups as appropriate.
  • To benefit the local community and enable them to achieve something which they would be unable to without the s106 contribution. 
  • To compliment or work in partnership with the marketing and community engagement activity for the site which will be in addition to the artist’s project – for example, the company has run gardening projects and built time capsules with local schools on past developments.

The residency may or may not result in any permanent features but should leave a legacy in some form; for example, establishing a new community group or event.

If permanent features are created as part of the residency, it is essential that they are robust and require little or no maintenance. Health and Safety features and issues should be considered in the design, fabrication and installation of any public art features. In collaboration with Cotswold Homes, the commissioned Artist(s) should liaise with the relevant adopting body to ensure that they will adopt the final features and to provide a maintenance schedule. It may be necessary to allocate a commuted sum from the total budget to cover maintenance.

Given the proximity to the allotments the commissioning group is particularly interested in projects which explore the local ecology and landscape; for example, through the exploration of local flora and fauna, through gardening and garden design activities or through creating permanent works such as an earth sculpture or community garden on a non-developed area with the shared entrance to the site/community centre.

The commissioning group are also keen to encourage innovative approaches to sustainability and recyling, particularly the re-use of waste such as timber from the site.

For full details, please download the brief below.

Download Cotswold Homes - Blackhorse Road Development - Brief for artists.pdf(587 KB)