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A Real Birmingham Family

Date uploaded: October 29, 2014

Ikon has unveiled a new public sculpture entitled 'A Real Birmingham Family', sited in Centenary Square, outside the Library of Birmingham. The work is the culmination of a four-year project with Turner Prize-winning artist Gillian Wearing, that sought to challenge the notion of what constitutes a 'real family' in today's society and to represent Birmingham’s cultural diversity.

During 2011 and 2012, residents of Birmingham were encouraged to nominate their families to be the face of Birmingham. No limits were placed on how the twenty-first century family might define itself and hundreds of families responded, including groups of friends, single parents and people living alone.

In 2013 the Jones family – two sisters, Roma and Emma, both single parents, and their two sons, Kyan and Shaye – were chosen as A Real Birmingham Family by the artist and a diverse panel of community, cultural and religious figures. The selection was made following discussions on what constitutes a Birmingham family: multiple generations, friendships and diversity as well as evidential links to the city.

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A Real Birmingham Family was funded by Arts Council England, Birmingham City Council and Ikon’s Friends of the Family.

The Jones Family Photo: Jas Sansi 2013

The Jones Family Photo: Jas Sansi 2013