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Artists Taking the Lead winning commissions announced

Date uploaded: October 25, 2009

From over 2,000 entries, independent panels of artists and producers have selected 12 extraordinary projects to receive commissions totalling £5.4 million, one for each of the nine English regions and the nations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each of them is directly inspired by their location and will celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games across the UK.

The winning commissions are:
EAST: On Landguard Point, Pacitti Company
A unique feature film, starring large numbers of the local community alongside leading live artists, will be created from a series of spectacular outdoor events across East Anglia.
EAST MIDLANDS: Lionheart, Shauna Richardson
Three 30ft lions will be hand crocheted and displayed in a huge taxidermy style case, in Nottingham. Taking its inspiration from Richard the Lionheart and the region’s textile industry, Lionheart will celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the East Midlands.
LONDON: Bus-Tops, Alfie Dennen and Paula Le Dieu
LED panels on the roofs of bus stops will provide Londoners with a unique canvas on which to talk to each other, display their creativity and express what is special about their London.
NORTH EAST: FLOW, The Owl Project and Ed Carter
An environmentally sustainable watermill will be created to float on the River Tyne, forming an interactive arts space full of fantastical mechanical devices.
: Projected Column, Anthony McCall and FACT
A monumental spinning column of cloud and light will rise as far as the eye can see from Birkenhead’s disused Morpeth dock, directly opposite the city of Liverpool.
NORTHERN IRELAND: The Nest, Brian Irvine and John McIlduff
A warehouse installation made from donated personal possessions will inspire a new musical composition for the largest, most inclusive chorus ever assembled in Northern Ireland.
SCOTLAND: Forest Pitch, Craig Coulthard
A full size football pitch will be created within woodland to the south of Edinburgh. The pitch will host two football matches made up of amateurs from around Scotland.  Once the matches are over, the pitch will be left to return to nature, creating a new environment within the forest.
: The Boat Project, Lone Twin
The people of the South East will be asked to donate wooden objects of personal significance to help create a beautiful sea-faring boat. Once complete, the boat will sail the South East coast and become the focus of celebratory arts events.
SOUTH WEST: nowhereisland, Alex Hartley
Alex Hartley will bring an island he discovered in the High Arctic in 2004 to the South West of England. The island will navigate the coast accompanied by a travelling embassy, exploring issues of climate change and land ownership.
WALES: Adain Avion, Marc Rees
A travelling wingless silver bird, recycled from an abandoned DC9 aeroplane, will ‘nest’ in locations across Wales, and be transformed and animated by the local communities who take ownership of it.
WEST MIDLANDS: Godiva Awakes, Imagineer Productions
Coventry icon Lady Godiva will be recreated as a gigantic human puppet and lead a cast of thousands in a spectacular processional performance, before making her epic journey to London.
YORKSHIRE: Leeds Canvas, Leeds Canvas

An unprecedented collaboration between the city’s artists, arts organisations, and internationally renowned Quay Brothers, will use the buildings, streets, and people of Leeds as the ‘canvas’ for a month long series of interventions.

The 12 winning commissions will be developed across 2010 and 2011.

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