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Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit (CSPT)

Date uploaded: February 15, 2012

The Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit (CSPT)

The CSPT is now being managed by the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) on behalf of the Government’s cultural and sporting agencies, previously part of Living Places. It is a practical source of information and advice for planners, cultural and leisure officers working in local authorities.

The TCPA are currently working on a work programme for 2012 to engage the users of the website - planning officers, arts, sports and recreation officers in local authorities. With the new planning landscape slowly taking place, they would welcome your suggestions as to what you need in terms of support and guidance from the TCPA and their partners.

(About Living Places: The Living Places partnership was a joint initiative between DCLG and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), along with five key cultural agencies: Arts Council England; the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment; English Heritage; the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council; and Sport England. The initiative's aim was to ensure that all communities, in particular those experiencing economic growth, benefit from cultural facilities such as museums, libraries, art and sport as well as making better use of cultural heritage.)

Visit cultureandsportplanningtoolkit.org.uk