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Factories, Lanyards and Icebergs: A discussion of Trade Show

Date uploaded: June 25, 2014

Elinor Morgan, freelance Curator and Writer, Birmingham

Commissioned and published by ixia

About the Author:
Elinor Morgan is a freelance Curator and Writer based in Birmingham, UK. She is currently curating Gowlett Peaks, a programme of solo exhibitions and events in London and has previously worked with many artists to develop solo and group exhibitions and projects. Elinor is ESP Programmer at Eastside Projects, where she runs the gallery’s associate membership programme and public events. In this role she works with artists, curators and writers to support the development of new work, ideas, connections and careers through a programme of events, opportunities and projects. Prior to this Elinor was Artists and Programmes Curator at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge where she curated residencies, events and exhibitions, commissioned new work and supported artists’ research. From 2008-2010 she was Chair of the Committee at Outpost Gallery, Norwich where she collaboratively programmed 11 shows each year, initiated off site projects and set up the Outpost studios.

‘Trade Show’ is an exhibition, research project and proposition. This essay documents its first iteration at Eastside Projects in Birmingham during 2013/14, describing and analysing some of the artworks commissioned and conversations that resulted from the exhibition. It looks at the context, both geographic and intellectual, within which ‘Trade Show’ was first seen. Like the project it articulates certain changes in local industry, the shape of international production and trade and the language of the global economy. It explores the roles of art and artists in economic activity (http://eastsideprojects.org/exhibitions/trade-show/)

Download Trade Show Final Text.pdf(846 KB)

‘Trade Entrance’. Stuart Whipps, courtesy of Eastside Projects.

‘Trade Entrance’. Stuart Whipps, courtesy of Eastside Projects.