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Happy 10th Birthday UP Projects!

Date uploaded: April 4, 2012


UP Projects’ entered the world in September 2002 with Shine, an exhibition of light works in the then disused St. Pancras Chambers, by new and established artists including Martin Maloney, Tracey Emin, Julian Opie, Martin Richman and Toby Ziegler. It attracted 14,000 visitors during its 2 opening days.

Since 2002, UP Projects has attracted considerable attention and acclaim for its commissioning programme. Highlights include The Other Flower Show; ten artists’ installations in ten sheds in the V&A Garden in 2004, Portavilion; a series of temporary artists pavilions launching in 2008 across central London’s most prestigious parks, with highly acclaimed contemporary international artists Dan Graham, Monika Sosnowska, Toby Paterson and Annika Eriksson.

The sixth commission in the Portavilion series, 2011’s The Floating Cinema, was created for the neighbourhoods surrounding the new Olympic Park; a unique refurbished barge designed and programmed by Studio Weave and Somewhere navigated the waterways of East London showcasing a programme of indoor and outdoor screenings, workshops, talks and tours. Alongside Portavilion, The Secret Garden Project launched in 2010 with an ongoing series of permanent and temporary artists commissions and events that draw attention to the ecological value of urban parks and green spaces across London.

This 10 year celebration coincides with UP Projects achieving National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) status from the Arts Council, England. UP Projects is one of only 49 visual arts organisations to be in receipt of NPO funding in London, which is a mark of excellence, and one of only 7 organisations to be newly awarded this year.

For 2012, UP Projects will deliver a number of new additions to its portfolio, including ‘Common Knowledge’ a project by Jacques Nimki for the Secret Garden Project, and the 10th and 11th commissions in the Contemporary Art at Festivals programme, created for the London Pleasure Gardens in Newham (previous installations have appeared at Glastonbury and The Mayor’s Thames Festival) and a new iteration of Portavilion: The Floating Cinema.

For information please contact UP Projects on t: 020 7377 9677 e: [email protected]

Visit www.upprojects.com

Click here to download their 10th birthday press release(394 KB)

Andreas Oehlert, Ballonland 4 at Shine, St. Pancras Chambers, 2002

Andreas Oehlert, Ballonland 4 at Shine, St. Pancras Chambers, 2002