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Invitation participation: Radicalizing the Local – Freehouse closing symposium

Date uploaded: January 8, 2014

Invitation participation: Radicalizing the Local – Freehouse closing symposium

Symposium: January 15th – 17th, 2014

International closing symposium of the Freehouse art project on co-ops as an organisational form in order to combine value determination, local qualities, organisation, economy, initiative and co partnership.

During a public conference a group of international experts will exchange and explore knowledge on new organisation and economic forms. The program comprises a series of presentations, workshops, deliberations, feedback sessions and discussions that closes with deliberations on the addressed subjects. The conference will be closed with the festive start of the neighbourhood co-op.

The symposium is curated by Ashraf Osman (Zurich University of the Arts) in collaboration with Pablo Calderón (social designer) and Jeanne van Heeswijk (visual artist).

January 15, 9.30-17.30: New Organisational Forms

Matteo Lucchetti (Visible), Tine De Moor (Institutions for Collective Action), Ethel Barahona (DPR-°© Barcelona), Henk Oosterling (Rotterdam Vakmanstad), Rasmus Uglit (Aarhus University), Dorothee Richter (Zurich University of the Arts), Sue Bell Yanks (Social Practice), Georg Zoche (Transnational Republic), Maria Brewster/Britt Jurgensen (HomeBaked Landtrust)

January 16, 9.30 - 17.30: New Economic Forms
Michael Birchall (University of Wolverhampton), Jaromil (NABA, Milan), Enric Duran Girait & Raquel Benedicto (Cooperativa Integral Catalana), Pelin Tan (Mardin Artuklu University), Silvia Simoncelli (Brera Art Academy), Eli Feghali (New Economics Institute), Christopher Robbins (Ghana Thinktank),Christian Pedro Medina (Yo Creo en Colombia), Jan Jongert (Superuse Studio)

January 17, 9.30 - 15.30: Re/forming the Future,
15.30: Handover to Afrikaanderwijk Co-op

Arie Lengkeek (Air Foundation), Roel In ‘t Veld (professor governance and sustainability), Rachel Plattus (New Economics Institute), Susanne Bosch (artist), Ailbhe Murphy & Ciaran Smyth (Vagabond Reviews), Elke Krasny (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), Aetzel Griffioen (Rotterdam Vakmanstad), Anastasia Kubrak (designer), Jeannette Petrik (researcher, writer & designer), Tamar Shafrir (designer), Lizzie MacWillie (Graduate School of Design). Eva Visser (Kennis Centrum creating 010)

Register til January 9th: [email protected] (mention which day(s))

Language: English
Location: Wijkwaardenhuis, Pretorialaan 141, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Radicalizing the Local
Freehouse has focused since 1999 on the micro-urbanism emerging in small communities across the city. The project is based on inclusive urban development through community participation and self-organisation and on co-operative cultural production as a means for economic and social growth.

In 2008 Freehouse became involved in the development of the Afrikaanderwijk in the south of Rotterdam. It tested new plans for the market and successfully setup several communal workshops. In order to secure the gathered capital and qualities for its inhabitants, Freehouse developed a skill-based neighbourhood co-op that will take over its functions s as of 2014.

Freehouse is a project initiated by Jeanne van Heeswijk and is made possible in collaborations with local and international experts. Radicalizing the Local is made possible with the support and collaboration of the Mondriaan Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL, Stichting DOEN and AIR.

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