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Jeremy Deller: Artist-in-Residence at the University of Sussex

Date uploaded: August 8, 2011

From spring 2011 until summer 2012 Turner Prize winner and Sussex alumnus Jeremy Deller will be Artist-in-Residence at the University of Sussex with the aim to create an exhibition around the University’s social history.

As part of Sussex’s 50th anniversary, Jeremy will be a presence on campus, collaborating in seminars and lectures with his former supervisor, Professor David Alan Mellor of Art History. He is currently preparing two exhibitions for the University and will be producing one of his characteristic Public Art installations for display on campus. 

The University is very proud to be collaborating with Jeremy on these projects, which will form an extremely important part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. Together, they will also help to build on the University's ongoing involvement with the contemporary visual arts and provide a platform for creative and visual arts at the University.

Visit www.sussex.ac.uk/fiftyyears/events/publicart

It Is What It Is by Jeremy Deller

It Is What It Is by Jeremy Deller