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London Arts in Health Forum Survey

Date uploaded: December 11, 2013

London Arts in Health Forum (LAHF) Survey - It’s that time of year when LAHF are asking everyone to tell them where they are going right (and wrong) by completing the LAHF annual survey.

It takes just 10 minutes and is will help them in planning their programme of activity. The survey is the main way they get feedback from their users and it’s also the best way for them to take the temperature of arts and health and see what is going on. So, if you get the newsletter, follow LAHF on Twitter or Facebook or have come across LAHF in any other way, please do take a few minutes to help them with this.

As an extra incentive this year prizes are being offered! Three people who complete the survey will win a £20 Amazon voucher – so why not fill it in now!

Please click on the link to start the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LAHFSurveyNews.


Damian Hebron
London Arts in Health Forum

Click here to complete the survey.