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London Creativity and Wellbeing Week: 17th-22nd June 2013

Date uploaded: June 12, 2013

London Creativity and Wellbeing Week
17th-22nd June 2013

Over 70 events will be taking place right across the capital next week for the second annual London Creativity and Wellbeing Week, which will take place from 17th - 22nd June 2013. There will be a huge variety of work on display which will offer an insight into the work which is bringing together the arts, health and wellbeing. Events range from talks to interactive workshops, events, exhibitions and performances. Click here if you would like to search for events by date, or by geographical area. Almost all the events are free.

London Creativity and Wellbeing Week happened for the first time in 2012. The hope was that it would shine a light on all the different ways that the arts help and improve the health of Londoners and the work that goes on all year round.

There is a growing body of evidence indicating the profound effect engagement in the arts and creativity can have on health and wellbeing. The arts bring us alive, nourish our curiosity, help us learn – they change the places in which we are treated – and make them places we might want to be, they can improve the relationship between clinician and patient, and they give us the courage to face our own frailties and strengths.

If you go to events during the Week you are invited to feedback and you can get in touch via Facebook or by tweeting #LCW about the events.

London Creativity and Wellbeing Week is an initiative of London Arts in Health Forum.

Click here for more information.