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MPs support the inclusion of ‘culture’ within the NPPF

Date uploaded: December 21, 2011

MPs support the inclusion of ‘culture’ within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee has stated that it sees ‘a compelling case’ for the inclusion of ‘a cultural dimension as part of the social pillar of the definition of sustainable development’ within the NPPF. It has also stated that the Government should ‘clarify the policy position on town centres with respect to arts, culture and tourism uses’ and ‘reassure local authorities that they are permitted to take into account in their Local Plans issues that are not explicitly referred to in the Framework.’ By making these comments, the Committee has recognised that the draft NPPF did not promote or protect the contribution that cultural activities make to sustainable development.

Jonathan Banks, ixia's Chief Executive, said 'we are pleased with the Committee's support for cultural activities and are looking forward to commenting on the Government's response'.

The Committee was invited by the Government to review the draft NPPF, a process which included a call for evidence from external organisations and individuals. Its comments are an acknowledgement of the significant number of submissions which ‘drew attention to the lack of specific references to culture and the arts.’

The Committee’s report is currently being considered by the Government. ixia will keep you updated on any further developments.

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