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SKOR after 2012

Date uploaded: June 20, 2012

SKOR after 2012
A glimpse of the future.

Since 1999, SKOR | Foundation for Art and Public Domain has dedicated itself to the development and realisation of exceptional art projects within the public domain. In doing this, SKOR has always supported art of the highest quality, contributed to the design of public spaces, stimulated good commissioning practises as well as invested in researching and developing new practices for the field. In recent years, the organisation has focused on raising its international profile, increasing its (public) visibility, introducing institutional alliances, and initiating innovative forms of public/private commissioning practises.

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science (OCW) recently decided that SKOR’s structural funding will be discontinued from January 1, 2013. Despite SKOR making significant progress in re-inventing itself since 2009, SKOR are now compelled to streamline the existing organisation and its activities as much and as rapidly as possible, so that they can take on the changing landscape for arts and culture after January 1, 2013. SKOR has therefore invested a great deal of energy and effort into examining several future scenarios, that could be possible legal successors to SKOR in the months to come, pending permission by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science (OCW).

SKOR’s extensive project documentation-library-image archive is moved to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy as part of a new, yet-to-be-developed resource. The Archive focuses on and remains accessible for educational purposes, the maintenance of realised projects, research and advice.

SKOR’s international activities are linked to the European Network of Public Art Producers (ENPAP), which SKOR co-initiated in 2010. Activities include large-scale presentations of permanent and temporary art projects, symposiums, and institutional alliances.

Open. Cahier on art and the public domain continues to function as the independent OPEN! Foundation, an international online and offline platform promoting experimental ideas about art, culture and the public domain. A structural collaboration with Stroom Den Haag is currently under discussion, which will also strengthen the knowledge centre of this institute.

The new cooperation TAAK is an international cultural platform, which develops and presents refreshing art that relates to societal issues such as ecology, civic awareness, social design and human rights. TAAK works on issues of public interest and develops innovative (artistic) strategies and new perspectives for a changing world. A selection of SKOR’s projects are continued by TAAK.

Visit www.skor.nl/eng/site/item/skor-after-2012