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SKYWAY - new International Light Festival in Toruń, Poland

Date uploaded: October 25, 2009

SKYWAY ‘09 is a new International Light Festival, held in the Polish city of Toruń. The first edition took place last August 2009, taking advantage of a natural phenomenon, the Perseid meteor shower, with art framing and being framed by this astronomical event. More than 30,000 enthusiastic visitors filled the streets, experiencing the town center.

SKYWAY ‘09 delivered to Toruń a set of art installations and interventions by artists from nine different countries. Between the 11th and the 16th August, Toruń’s extraordinarily well preserved Gothic cityscape was the ideal backdrop for the experience of art works which managed to shed new light onto monuments and spaces.

Sculptural presences, ephemeral architectural lighting, interactive devices, multidisciplinary collaborations and socially engaged artistic intersections - the whole programme related to light in different ways, leading people to understand how light is a fundamental tool in urban scenery, a crucial concept in science and a vital necessity for life.

Find more information and images on the SKYWAY 09 Festival of Light

Download the SKYWAY09 Curator's Report(187 KB)

Bruno Peinado, Moon. SKYWAY 09 Festival of Light. Photo: Bruno Peinado

Bruno Peinado, Moon. SKYWAY 09 Festival of Light. Photo: Bruno Peinado