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Ten new public artworks for the 10th Edinburgh Art Festival

Date uploaded: May 29, 2013

Ten new public art commissions for the 10th Edinburgh Art Festival
Parley commissions programme
1 August - 1 September 2013

The ten new public art commissions for 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival can now be viewed online. For their tenth festival, Edinburgh Art Festival are delighted to present ten new publicly sited works by leading and emerging artists which will be on display from 1st August until 1st September. This year's commissions programme, titled Parley, celebrates art that creates a space for discussion, generates debate or depends upon dialogue for its realisation. Click here for more information on these works or the festival exhibitions and events.

Daughters of Decayed Tradesmen
Christine Borland & Brody Condon

Within the historic burnt out Watchtower at New Calton Burial Ground, the artists will present a collaboration exploring ideas of decay inspired by oral histories relating to Edinburgh's Trades Maiden Hospital.

Sara Barker

The artist's new sculpture in painted metal and glass will create a dialogue with the stunning landscape in which it is set. Co-commissioned with Jupiter Artland, this is Barker's first work for the outdoors.

Edinburgh Fire Poem
Robert Montgomery

The artist will install a new site specific poem, sculpted in oak, on The Mound. Set alight on the opening night of the festival, the charred sculpture will remain for the duration of August.

Flags for Edinburgh
Peter Liversidge

For the duration of the festival, the artist invites anyone with a flagpole in the city to fly a white flag bearing the simple text 'HELLO', offering visitors a buoyant, floating welcome.

The Days and Fascia
Kenny Watson

Watson presents two works for the festival that combine techniques and materials from street art and fine art, creating overwhelming visual effects from found texts.

Krijn de Koning

Co-commissioned with Edinburgh College of Art, Krijn de Koning's first presentation in the UK is a major architectural that will transform the college's iconic Sculpture Court into a multi-level platform for debate.

Real Life and How to Live it in Auld Reeki
Ross Sinclair

Real Life and How to Live it in Auld Reekie is a series of graphic works distributed through the city which reflect on the stories the capital likes to tell about itself and the truths which remain concealed.

Wind Pipes for Edinburgh
Sarah Kenchington

Visitors are invited to play Sarah Kenchington's new instrument, constructed from over 100 decommissioned organ pipes and installed in a 15th century church in the heart of Edinburgh's old town.

The Complaints Choir of Edinburgh
The Complaints Choir

Experimental composers Daniel Padden and Peter Nicholson will lead an Edinburgh edition of The Complaints Choir, offering residents a chance to come together and sing their grievances out loud.

An Equilibrium Not of This World
Katri Walker

Microsopic timelapse images of the inner workings of the body and expansive views of Scottish landscape combine in Walker's film installation to provide a compelling portrait of man's relationship with nature.

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'Flags for Edinburgh', Peter Liversidge

'Flags for Edinburgh', Peter Liversidge