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The AA2A project - 2016

Date uploaded: July 6, 2016

The AA2A project (Artists Access to Art Colleges) is offering around 80 placements, giving artists and designer makers the opportunity to undertake a period of research or realise a project using art college facilities e.g. workshops, IT facilities, lending library, and lecture programme.  AA2A schemes aim to benefit students and institutions through their interaction with practising artists

Map and links to application info for 20 x AA2A schemes   www.aa2a.org/colleges

Eligibility and details of how to apply   www.aa2a.org/apply

  • Access is free, for at least 100 hours, between Oct 2016 and April 2017
  • AA2A's Hardship Fund, primarily for artists on benefits provides expenses up to £300
  • Closing dates for applications vary but all are in September 2016
  • Artists on AA2A schemes run from 2014 to 2015 or before can now reapply
  • All applicants must have at least one year’s professional practice
  • Only M.A. students can apply in the same year they graduate
  • Applicants should be able to work with minimal technical supportFollow us on  Twitter  and  Facebook  for regular, updated information.


University of Sunderland - Application deadline 22nd September
[email protected]   0191 515 2512
printmaking (screen printing, etching, lithography, relief printing, Riso printing), wood, metal, glass, ceramics, 3-D printing, photography (digital and chemical), painting

Teesside University (Middlesbrough) - Application deadline  4th September
[email protected]   0164 238 4045
printmaking, wood, metal, glass, plastics, digital media, photography, painting

University of Central Lancashire - Application deadline  21st September
[email protected]   0177 289 3959
printmaking, digital media, fashion / textiles, ceramics

Liverpool Hope University - Application deadline 21st September
[email protected]   0151 291 3516
printmaking, wood, metal, jewellery, plaster, ceramics, textiles (construction and print), digital design and manufacture, painting

University Centre St Helens - Application deadline 1st September
[email protected]   0174 462 3102
theatre performance, game art, photography, graphic design, painting

University of Chester - Application deadline 21st September
[email protected]   0124 451 5855
printmaking, wood, metal, foundry, laser cutting, 3D printing, video, sound, analogue & digital photography, digital printing, graphics, animation, letterpress typography, bookbinding

Sheffield Hallam University - Application deadline 16th September
[email protected]   0114 225 6724
printmaking, metal, fashion, jewellery, video, interactive media, digital media, animation, photography, typography, graphics, illustration, painting

University of Derby - Application deadline 19th September
[email protected]   0133 259 3113
printmaking, wood, metal, casting, carving, glass, ceramics, textiles, digital media, photography

De Montfort University (Leicester) - Application deadline 12th September
[email protected]   0116 207 8387
printmaking, wood, metal, plaster, laser cutting, CAD labs, digital workshops, video, photography, life drawing studio, painting

University of Wolverhampton - Application deadline 5th September
[email protected]   0190 232 3147
printmaking, wood, metal, foundry, wood / stone carving, hot glass, ceramics, interior textiles, fashion and textiles, digital media, video, photography, illustration, painting

Coventry University - Application deadline 7th September
[email protected]   0247 765 8685
printmaking, small scale metal, ceramics, laser cutting, digital media, painting, drawing, fashion, illustration, graphic design, animation

University of Worcester - Application deadline 21st September
[email protected]   0190 554 2542
printmaking, film, photography, creative digital imaging, sound

University of Northampton - Application deadline 21st September
[email protected]   0160 473 5002
printmaking, (screen-printing, etching) wood, metal, plaster, mould making, photography (darkroom and lighting studios), product design

Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge) - Application deadline 11th September
[email protected]   0122 369 8720
printmaking, wood and metal working, ceramics, fashion, film & TV production, digital media, photography, animation, illustration

University of Bedfordshire (Luton) - Application deadline 21st September
[email protected]   0158 274 3401
printmaking, fashion, laser-cutter, 3D printer/scanner, video, animation, moving image, photography, darkroom, graphic design, illustration, painting

Chelmsford College - Application deadline 21st September
[email protected]   0124 529 3031
printmaking, wood, ceramics, mould making, textiles, fashion, video, digital media, animation, photography, graphics, illustration, painting, drawing

University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield) - Application deadline 12th September
ad[email protected]   0170 728 5327
printmaking, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, textiles, fashion, art therapy, digital media, film, video, sound, photography, graphics, painting

Southampton Solent University - Application deadline 21st September
[email protected]   0238 201 6007
printmaking, wood, clay, letterpress, typography, digital media, photography, painting, drawing

City College Brighton and Hove - Application deadline 21st September
[email protected]   0127 366 7749
printmaking, wood, metal, foundry, jewellery, glass, plastics, ceramics, textiles, fashion, product design, performance, film, video, sound, digital media, animation, photography, graphics, illustration, painting

Plymouth University - Application deadline 9th September
[email protected]   0175 258 5265
printmaking, wood, metal, ceramics, plaster, textiles, film, video, sound, digital media, photography, animation, typography, graphics, illustration, painting, drawing